• Video – Roller-skates on a Saturday night.

    This Saturday night on Channel V, yet more precision roller-skating from Emma & Leah of Q Bar Sydney, while Maynard presents a collection of music clips just perfect for quarantine viewing.

    The parade of pop continues with Suzi Quatro, ABBA, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, The Monkees, Do Re Mi, Sex Pistols, Pseudo Echo, Chic and more.

    Warning: the sad ABBA clip may make you a bit weepy.

    Resplendent in flanno pyjamas and tiger feet slippers, Maynard invites you to relax with a show which has something for everyone.

    Right Said Fred, I'm Too Sexy for my car.
    He IS too sexy for his car, and that hat come to think of it.

    More roller-skates in this show

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