• Spin Out – Tim Ferguson, Queen of the Desert

    Maynard is on the set of Tim Ferguson’s new movie Spin Out in Shepparton. Meet the crew, the cast, the dog, and the local police as Maynard talks Utes and circle work.

    Hear from Tim Ferguson, Morgan Griffin, Xavier Samuel, PiaGrace Moon, Lisa Kowalski, Thomas Blackburne, Travis Jeffery and other members of the cast and crew shooting in Shepparton that cold weekend.

    Learn great movie and showbiz terms like “video village”, “data wrangler” and “banned from the set”.

    Finally, Maynard gets schooled in the answer to the question all of Australia has been asking since the appearance of the V8 engine; Holden or Ford?

    Language warning; one really rude filthy word, every ten minutes or so.

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