• The Killjoys for breakfast

    The Killjoys from Melbourne were always one on my favourite bands from that city. Although musically the opposite of bands like The Bachelors From Prague and certainly TISM, they carried a similar fun loving spirit about their music and live they were always, well, a delight.

    On 5th July 1991 I recorded this for the Triple J breakfast show and it has gone unheard since then.

    The Killjoys formed in 1987 and at this time in 1991 their album Ruby won an ARIA award for Best Independent Release. If you are a keen scuba diver, you may be able to find that award at the bottom of Darling Harbour near the wharf, as it was dropped accidentally overboard, shortly after it was awarded to the band, while they were on their way to a post awards party. The Killjoys even hired a diver to look for the ARIA award next day.

    It has yet to be found.

    Get together with Caroline Schwerkolt, Craig Pilkington (who went onto The Blackjacks), Anna Burley and Will Larsen (up the back playing a hell tambourine) to hear One & Only and the sweet Calling Me On.

    Start saving up for a vibraphone, because after hearing The Killjoys, you’ll want your own.

    AND the best news is that they are back together and you can experience them again.

    The Killjoys recording session engineers at Triple J for this were Geoff Overmyer & Chris Norris.

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