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    Men Without Hats

    Ivan Doroschuk is Men Without Hats who had hits with The Safety Dance in August 1983 & Pop Goes The World in February 1988 in Australia. The Safety Dance was about dancers pogoing in nightclubs, while Pop Goes The World was about the 80s nuclear threat. Ivan Doroschuk is touring Australia for the first time in July with the Totally 80s tour. How does he feel about his song being on The Simpsons so often?

    Boom Boom Paul Lekakis

    Paul Lekakis had a number one hit in Australia for 5 weeks in 1987 with Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back to My Room). But the hit dance track was recorded much earlier in Italy. Lively Paul Lekakis is a model/dancer/actor/singer that is coming to Australia as part of the Totally 80s tour and he’s never been to Australia before. I ask Paul the important question, what are you going to wear?

    Bunga Bunga 21 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga, the show in search of a reason returns for 2016 like a lost pet that poops on your floor. Tim Ferguson speaks out from his Fortress of Arrogance about movies (especially the one with Village People) reviewers (hint; he doesn’t like them) and handy hints for travellers (don’t swallow your passport).

    Maynard & Tim have a lot to say about Weird Al Yankovic, The Greens, pan pipes, bug out bags & yes, Savage Garden.

    And in what is sure to become a heart warming family moment Tim explains to Maynard what an aphorism and a phoofer gun is.

    You won’t learn a thing by the end of Bunga Bunga 21, but you will be wiser.

    Weird Al Yankovic fans in Sydney go nuts

    Weird Al Yankovic played the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on Saturday night to a packed crowd of chanting Weird Al fans. I got in the middle of them and found out that Al is more loved, by more people, of all ages than ever.

    The dress code for the night was loud and the headgear; tinfoil.

    Thanks to everyone for allowing me to accost them with my microphone, and to the man himself Al.

    Get Gangsta with Weird Al

    The Weird Al Yankovic show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on Saturday night was a blast. My favourite as always was the polka medley, but Smells Like Nirvana was a crowd favourite. I’m working on the more than 30 interviews I did with the fans at the show for the next Planet Maynard podcast. Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to Al, but if I can get an interview with him for the show I will. Enjoy Al onstage from Saturday

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