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    What Double J Should Sound Like 102

    One hundred and two shows later, What Double J SHOULD Sound Like powers onward. A rare show without funkster Campbell Drummond (due to his ambassadorial visit to NY) Jay Katz, DJ ADHD, Ant Banister & myself present a far-ranging selection of music.

    We present for your inner sanctum; Jeff Duff, George Hrab, The Orb, Mike Oldfield, The Selector, Desmond Dekker, Devo, Clock DVA, Sandman interview und more.

    Bunga Bunga 28 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    In your full spread edition of Bunga Bunga 28, Maynard visits the Doug Anthony All Stars at their Sydney show. It seems the highly bicurious audience has some Crankmail questions for Tim Ferguson.

    Tim gives away the secret to immortality, but still has time for some strong words of advice for the ABC.

    But we can safely end the war on terror as we openly accuse a watermelon of kidnapping.

    We continue our steamroller like support for Anthony Ackroyd from The Arts Party

    The Pirate Party

    Of course you can always vote for Tim Ferguson, using a Post It note. If you are wondering what his full policies might be, we refer you to the last time Tim ran for Election.

    Video – Madd Club at Jack the House

    The Madd Club with Maynard exploring the 90s sounds this time, played a set at Jack The House 3 on Friday night. The usual mess with unexplainable videos and dance moves made for a “special” night.

    What happened to Sandman

    The Sandman, Steve Abbott is back to let you know where he’s been and maybe where he’s not going.

    What Happened To Sandman – or How I Became A Birdwatcher.

    Starts in Canberra May 28 and 29 at Street 2 Theatre. Depending on how Steve and his Director Warren Coleman feel, it may go as far as Taree, maybe even further.

    Steve is a very engaging performer that you can spend time in a small room with without regret. Last time I checked, no other show in Australia was offering visual proof of an audience epiphany. Not even those really well State funded shows with costumes.

    Contact the theatre

    Maynard & The Madd Club in history

    DJ Mark Dynamix wondered who he was having to support him on Friday night at Jack The House 3 so he decided to interview me about the Madd Club and its lost history of making a mess.

    Doug Anthony All Stars play Enmore Theatre

    Sunday night the Doug Anthony All Stars returned to the Enmore Theatre for the first time this century as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival. The full house loved the show as usual and I thought I’d meet a few of the crowd, new and old to find out once and for all; who is their favourite All Star?

    Video production by Richard Saunders

    Maynard & Madd Club play Jack The House 3

    It’s a rare Madd Club show Friday night as The Madd Club and myself jump around and play the really retro tracks from EMF, KLF & RSF. Probably other stuff from the 90s that doesn’t have 3 letter abbreviations too. The Sly Fox in Enmore is the venue and we’ll be on about 10pm. Kate Monroe is after us and frankly she’s a bit nervous that we might break something, find out Friday night. I don’t think we’ll be doing this again anytime soon.

    Details at Jack the House 3

    Bunga Bunga 27 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga catches Election Fever as Tim Ferguson & Maynard let you in on Tim’s plans for taking over the Federal government. We take your suggestions and give most of them back. Name some authors you could write better than, and tell you how to talk to girls.

    Bunga Bunga 27 comes out fighting and throws its considerable weight behind The Pirate Party & The Arts Party.

    No local politicians have returned our calls.

    Bunga Bunga 26 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 26 comes to you from the Madame Frou Frou Cafe (a real place) as Tim ferguson recovers from a trip to his dentist (not a real dentist). Maynard needs some gas as we open your Crankmail and teach you the martial art of bread throwing and the best way to set fire to your co-workers.

    If you’d like to come along to Maynardarama on Saturday night, here is the Facebook event:


    Maynard goes nuts in Kings Cross 2000

    In October 2000 the Madd Club rocked the Frontier Nightclub in King Cross.

    The Channel V cameras were there to record the wacky antics and end of the 20th century fashions for you all to enjoy.

    Maynard's Archive