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    Bunga Bunga 32 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard return for 2017 with Bunga Bunga (the podcast that solves all your problems and knows no shame).

    Maynard & Tim Ferguson kick off 2017 with Tim experiencing a political, musical and sexual backlash.

    A lengthy discussion then ensures at The Madame Frou Frou Cafe about cats, dope, The Greens & Tim finally explains why he is a better feminist than most.

    This show Tim takes on choofing, The Greens and finally explains why he is a better feminist than most.

    Maynard is back on ABC-TV & Channel 7, but you will have to look carefully.

    You can find the details about Tim Ferguson berating the Skeptics In The Pub in Sydney on Thursday 2nd February here.

    As always your support through Patreon as producers is appreciated here.

    Maynard, Mrs Sinatra and Bob Downe on Foxtel

    Maynard was the host of Planet Fx, a Sci-Fi comedy/geek/music/variety show every weekday afternoon for 2 years when Foxtel first started in Australia in 1995 & 1996, before he went of to host music television (remember when that was a thing) on Red Tv and Channel V.

    Here are two clips from the Planet Fx show one with Bob Downe (Mark Trevorrow) singing Xanadu (to a backing track, he is not lip syncing) and one featuring a phone call to a Triple J regular Mrs Fred Sinatra of Las Vegas (who is actually lip synced, as you’ll see from the video).

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