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    A Very Maynard Xmas 2011

    Maynard & Tony Push bring you Xmas greetings from their favourite bus stop recording studio. Also exciting music reveals The Dirty Disbelievers, a new show in 2012. The second half of the show may have too much poultry in it, but that’s for you to decide.

    A Very Maynard Xmas 2010

    Put the ass back in Xmass with this non child friendly Maynard traditional holiday favourite from 2010. Two guys, a bus stop and a microphone makes it the suckiest kingdom of them all!

    Collette interview 1990

    Collette had a huge hit in Australia in 1989 with her cover of the Anita Ward disco classic Ring My Bell which was co-produced by Pee Wee Ferris and Kirk Godfrey.

    Far from a one hit wonder, Collette Roberts had 2 other charting singles off her first Raze The Roof album and a reasonable amount of nightclub plays for Upside Down & This Will Be (Everlasting Love) from her second album Attitude in 1991.

    Always a fun, yet strangely controversial guest on the breakfast show, here we are from December 1990.

    Collette spoke with me in studio 217 at JJJ in William St, Kings Cross about her last single “Who Do You Think You Are?” and her new single “Upside Down”. Also discussed were hooded tops, deep house & Fiji. I’ve thrown in some Xmas ID’s and a safe sex message to give you that early 90s feel.

    Video – A Very Maynard Xmas 1998

    But what would A Very Maynard Xmas look like?

    In 1998 we found out when Foxtel’s Channel V assigned Mary Datoc and Maynard to dig up clips and music from around all Foxtel channels in a way that would never happen now.

    All the Channel V presenters of the time turned up at Maynard’s for an afternoon and this show was the result.

    Unseen since 1998 Planet Maynard presents A Very Maynard Xmas (an El Cheapo production)

    Download your free 2018 Maynard calendar

    The Maynard 2018 pictorial calendar has arrived to give you a year on Planey Maynard.

    Download this PDF and have it printed in A5, A4 or even A3 for a year of Maynard on the wall or desk of your choice. Click on this link and then save the calendar to your desktop.

    Not everyone has a Planet Maynard calendar, it’s not where you live, and we’re both glad about that.

    Uncool Yule – Dave’s Dud Xmas Discs

    Prepare ye for an Uncool Yule with Dave’s Dud Xmas Discs, Dave Mulligan brings you a poorly thought out selection of Xmas goose that made the 50s, 60s & 70s what they are today.

    These tracks will have you singing, dancing & maybe prancing. But you will feel the secret shame of Santa and wonder about the power of Xmas to compel this kind of music creation.

    100% Xmas and 100% shameless, we love it.

    Hooray For Santa Claus – Milton De Lugg & the Little Eskimos

    Wonderful Day – The Chipmunks

    Santa Teach Me To Dance – Debbie & The Darnells

    Jingle Bell Imitations – Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell

    Monster’s Holiday – Buck Owens

    Monster’s Holiday – Bobby Boris Pickett

    Surfers Christmas List – Surfaris

    Santa Bring Me Ringo – Christine Hunter (1964)

    Where Were You Daddy? (When Santa got stuck in the chimney chute) – Christine Hunter (1964)

    A Very Maynard Xmas season 2017 has begun!

    Get tickets to A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas live show 19th December in Glebe 2037.

    Great Xmas title. Where Were You Daddy? (When Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney Chute) Christine Hunter
    Great Xmas title. Where Were You Daddy? (When Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney Chute) Christine Hunter
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