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    Get some Herb Alpert into you with Tijuana Taxi

    Tijuana Taxi the Sydney sensational Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass cover band are returning to The Camelot Lounge in Marrickville to blow your bolero jacket off.

    Tina Harris has been a fan of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass since hearing her parents’ vinyl records as a child.

    Great instrumental tracks like Spanish Flea, The Lonely Bull, Casino Royale and This Guy’s In Love With You.

    As a party was winding down a few years ago, she put some of those 60s albums on again and was inspired to form Tijuana Taxi. An eight piece band (with marimba) that plays a handful of shows every year to packed houses of people who can’t get enough Herb either.

    Maynard quizzed Tina on what to wear to the gig and the best Herb Alpert track to play at a sexy party.

    Learn about the inner workings of an eight piece band (with marimba). Including the correct use of latin percussion and the psychology of keeping eight musicians together in the cauldron of the Sydney music scene.

    They play The Camelot Lounge in Marrickville on Saturday 8th December.

    Tijuana Taxi’s Facebook page

    Tickets for The Camelot Lounge

    Herb Alpert singing This Guy’s In Love With You 1968 (with Herb’s preamble)

    Tijuana Taxi live at Camelot Lounge in 2017 – Casino Royale

    Whipped Cream & Other Delights album cover from 1965.
    Whipped Cream & Other Delights album 1965. It sold over 6 million. That’s shaving cream, not a dairy product.
    Tina Harris talks serious Herb Alpert talk
    Tina Harris talks serious Herb Alpert talk
    Tijuana Taxi onstage
    Tijuana Taxi onstage

    Fiona Patten from sex to reason

    Fiona Patten, outspoken member of the upper house in Victoria has changed the name of her Sex Party to the Reason Party.

    One thing we know is that everybody wants to be reasonable, but no two people can agree on exactly what it is.

    Her recent book, Sex, Drugs & The Electoral Roll chronicles her career from Canberra to sex worker to sex industry lobbyist to Sex Party to Reason Party (with photos).

    But why didn’t Fiona get married under a fish tank to the B-52s Rock Lobster, isn’t that every girl’s dream?

    As a lobbyist for the Eros Foundation, for over 20 years she learned a lot about the inner workings of politics. You get to meet a lot of people and see a lot of things in that job.

    Since being elected, she has successfully instigated physician assisted dying laws, an inquiry into drug reform, and the introduction of a bill for both a medically supervised injecting centre and pill testing.

    Fiona answers the big questions here as well, such as; “What happens if you sit on the “Queens Chair” in the Victorian parliament?”

    AND when will you be able to buy a gram of cocaine from the chemist? (spoiler, not in time for Xmas)

    Fiona Patten’s official website.

    Reason Party website

    Fiona’s debate on Sunrise with Family First in 2010

    Maynard shows off Fiona Patten's book
    Maynard hand models Fiona Patten’s book

    Patreon Pandering November 2018

    Patreon Pandering, every month, only for our important Planet Maynard Patreon supporters that no one else can watch.

    It’s a video from Maynard and Tim Ferguson, crawling right up your altruism.

    November is visual feast of flattery for the only listeners that matter, the Patreons.

    Join the Patreons and get the ridiculous level of regular flattery you so richly deserve.

    We want to make you feel wanted as a Patreon of Planet Maynard & Bunga Bunga.

    Join us!

    Become a Patreon of Planet Maynard

    Patreon video for Patreons only

    The Big Bunga Bunga 50 show

    Bunga Bunga 50, the highly anticipated and frankly overexcited 50th show calls to a world sick of reality and soundness of judgement. Tim Ferguson & Maynard remind you why and how Bunga Bunga has become the phenomenon it is today.

    With help from their famous (and not so famous) friends and stooges, enjoy some quality time with the pre-eminent names in Bunga since 2013.

    Bunga Bunga 50 could not make this milestone without President Obama & President Trump, CNN, William Shatner and even Sir Roger Moore logging on to congratulate us.

    Tim explains where he’s been and where he’s going (everywhere), while Maynard let’s you know where he’s going for NYE (Kingsford).

    Problems are solved in Crankmail (involving soup and hair), Australia is saved from The Great Depression by Tim’s extreme monetary intervention policies in Tim’s Historical Hypothetical, and disco clapping is compulsory during Tim’s Right of Reply (to a question nobody asked).

    Join us for the next 50!

    The very very first Bunga Bunga podcast, just after the end of The Boer War.

    Pin The Macho On The Man game.
    Pin The Macho On The Man game.
    Star Trek 1969 BBC-TV Puzzle Book cover
    Star Trek 1969 Puzzle Book
    Tim Ferguson, Maynard Bunga Bunga 50
    Tim Ferguson, Maynard Bunga Bunga 50
    Tim Ferguson, Maynard Bunga Bunga 50
    Tim Ferguson, Maynard Bunga Bunga 50

    Tim Ferguson’s Fake News You Can Trust

    Tim Ferguson’s Comedy Writing Masterclasses in Canberra, Sydney & Brisbane in November & December

    The Dirty Disbelievers podcast (Nazi UFOs is show 5)

    Basically Black first all indigenous comedy sketch show from ABC-TV 1973

    Does The Melbourne Cup really stop Australia?

    Does The Melbourne Cup really stop the nation?

    Journalist and professional pot stirrer Jack Marx thinks The Melbourne Cup ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    Does it really stop everything?

    Does anyone care either way and are they willing to bet on it?

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