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    A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2017

    A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2017 LIVE from The Harold Park Hotel brings you the yuletide joy you have been yearning for.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard give you seasonal good times and bad advice.

    All with the help of Simon Day (of Ratcat), Continental Robert Susz (of The Dynamic Hepnotics), several audience members and a raft with udders.

    Find out what Charles Darwin, Tim Ferguson, Sophie Monk and Neville Chamberlain have in common.

    “You’re the Robert Downey Jnr of botanists”.

    Chicken on a raft.

    A Very Maynard Xmas 2016

    Welcome all to A Very Maynard Xmas 2016.

    In this Very not for children Xmas special; Tim Ferguson takes a break from doing everything everywhere to give some advice to Donald Trump, Clementine Ford and the people of Northcote.

    Maynard has found more of the Xmas song and clips you don’t hear at this time of year (for good reason) along with Tony Push, who has an incomprehensible poem about Xmas for us all.

    You may think this time of year sucks, but take solace in the fact that you don’t suck as much as Maynard.

    Onwards to 2017…

    A Very Barry Crocker Xmas 1989

    Unheard since December 1989, Australian legend Barry Crocker live on the Maynard breakfast show on Triple J.

    A Very Barry Crocker Xmas has is all, Barry sings with Adeva, advises you on personal security while travelling and gives some 1989 fashion tips.

    Barry brings all the festive foolish fun and good humour he is known for as well as a Xmas tune from Damien Lovelock that Barry eventually loved.

    Barry Crocker cover of Both Sides now album
    Barry never did explain how he could fit in that sportscar.

    Barry Crocker on Wikipedia

    Barry Crocker’s website with music and clips

    Barry Crocker with Doug Anthony Allstars

    Barry Crocker & Maynard wish you a very Barry Christmas

    Barry Crocker at Don Lane memorial 2009
    Barry Crocker at Don Lane memorial 2009

    Thank you to Chris Norris the producer who recorded this, in the multi track studio of Triple J in William St, December 1989.

    A Very Unemployed Xmas 2015

    2015 has been the worst year ever for Maynard. So to help him through his Xmas show from outside his local bottle shop, Tony Push, George Hrab, Christopher Laird and Rob Darby drop in. Expect Xmas songs that shouldn’t be sung at Xmas. Expect surprises that shouldn’t happen to anyone at anytime of year.

    A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2014 – Part 1

    A Xmas show that is not for children, consider yourself warned. Tim Ferguson and Maynard empty their Xmas sack of goodness all over your floor. This year has been a cracker for Tim. Maynard’s 2014 was rubbish as usual. But you can’t stop the Bunga, with guest appearances from George Hrab, Danger 5, The Batman Singers, Norman Fox & an anonymous German speaking French. Listen and hear your dreams turn into Bunga Bunga.

    A Very Maynard Xmas 2000 Channel V

    It’s a selection of music and Xmas musings in A Very Maynard Xmas 2000 from Channel V on Foxtel from 2000.

    Keep an eye out for Jabba, Yumi, Kyla, Mary, Mike, Andrew G, James Matheson and Andrew Mercardo, as we enjoy a getaway near an open fireplace with some moments from Channel V in 2000.

    If you liked the earlier Maynard Channel V Xmas show, this will give you that same funny feeling in your water.

    Uncool Yule 2 – More Dud Xmas Discs

    Dave Mulligan brings you an uncool yule when he returns with 3 great songs for the holiday season, or so he thinks.

    Dave Mulligan is a 50s and 60s record collector, mainly 45s, and every year Maynard asks him to share a few that you don’t normally hear at this time of year. Or ever really.

    Maynard and Dave Mulligan apologise and wish you a very Uncool Yule.

    Andy Williams does a variety show version of Music To Watch Girls By in 1967
    The German Bublé, Tom Gaebel  2012. Note the outfits and set influenced from 1967 show.

    Video – A Very Maynard Xmas 1998

    But what would A Very Maynard Xmas look like?

    In 1998 we found out when Foxtel’s Channel V assigned Mary Datoc and Maynard to dig up clips and music from around all Foxtel channels in a way that would never happen now.

    All the Channel V presenters of the time turned up at Maynard’s for an afternoon and this show was the result.

    Unseen since 1998 Planet Maynard presents A Very Maynard Xmas (an El Cheapo production)

    A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013

    Maynard welcomes Tim Ferguson, Tony Push, Christopher Laird and George Hrab to the bullshit finish to a bullshit year. They attempt to change his mind and fail. Plenty of musical surprises and archive sounds to make this the most bullshit Xmas of them all.

    2013 was not a great year.

    Kylie Minogue, Enjoy Yourself tour, Sydney 1990

    Kylie Minogue’s Enjoy Yourself tour played Sydney on 5th February 1990. I was there to cover it for my Triple J breakfast show the next morning. Some of the interviews you’ll hear in this audio never made the breakfast show that next morning (the Dad from Stroud for example).

    People who can spot talent realise Kylie’s not trying to preach from a soapbox. She’s just a young chick who’s having a good time and pleasing a lot of people with her music.

    Richard Wilkins MTV Feb 1990

    At Kylie Minogue’s third only live show in Australia, you’ll hear Ms Minogue herself, Ray Medhurst (Rockmelons), Nick Ferris (Ten Wedge), Alan Jones (you know him), DJ Pee Wee Ferris, James Freud (Models and bass in Kylie’s stage band), Richard Wilkins (MTV etc), Glen A Baker, even Dave Mason (The Reels). Not to mention the sometimes blunt opinions of the overexcited audience that paid the 1990 price of about $30 a ticket at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

    Kylie Minogue’s set list from the night

    But there was a lot of “Kylie cringe” going on still at the beginning of 1990. Regardless of this, a lot of groovers and hipsters from around Sydney were in the audience to see her show that February night, even though some of the black clothing set looked a bit uncomfortable outside Kings Cross and Darlinghurst.

    I think there should be more shows like this. It’s unpretentious in so many ways. It’s really honest. It’s showbiz.

    James Freud, Feb 5th 1990 (about 11:30pm backstage)

    Supported by Indecent Obsession the Enjoy Yourself show played to a capacity Sydney Entertainment Centre crowd that didn’t stop screaming and singing along all night. Most of the music you’ll hear was recorded by me in the middle of that deliriously screaming crowd, which might give you a feel of what it was like to be there.

    Watch the show we saw that night…

    Prior to Kylie starting her show, what looked like Jason Donovan in the seated audience section caused a chorus of shrieking just before the show started. Once the show started everyone quickly forgot the Jason incident and had an opinion about Kylie’s black velveteen catsuit (as you will hear, it was her favourite outfit of the show).

    Kylie Minogue, performing in concert, Enjoy Yourself Tour, La Cigale, Paris, France, Tuesday 8th May 1990. (Photo by NCJ Archive/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

    Thankyou to the producers who helped produce this, some of which never made it to air on the morning of 6th Feb 1990. Chris Norris & Simon Marnie.

    Enjoy Yourself, you’ll hear we ALL did that night.

    Kylie Minogue Enjoy Yourself tour crew list 1990
    The people who worked on the Enjoy Yourself tour 1990
    Maynard's Archive