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    Kylie Minogue with Maynard Channel V 1997

    Kylie Minogue on Rewind with Maynard 1997

    1997 was a great year for Kylie Minogue, living in the busy Kylieworld of Pop.

    Kylie Minogue thinking 1997
    Kylie Minogue thinking about the Kylieworld of 1997

    Living in the land of Britpop, Kylie had been working on her Impossible Princess album for two years.

    “Kylieworld” was the way she described her publicity schedule, level of fame and the concept of never really having to work again if she didn’t want to.

    I asked her about her relationship with her record company (Deconstruction in the UK) and the future opportunities of working in the US.

    She spoke about having a family (decades away), what music she’d enjoyed lately (The Verve) and about being turned away from a Club with Nick Cave the week before (they weren’t).

    Kylie also gave definitive rulings on: “What to look for at a potential boyfriend’s place?”, “Favourite track of Impossible Princess?” and of course “Your favourite music clip up to now?”.

    Revisit 1997’s Kylie Minogue. I’d even wear that shirt again.

    Kylie Minogue with Maynard on bed for interview 1997
    Kylie Minogue with Maynard trying to look like he knows what he’s doing, 1997.

    Maynard at Kylie Minogue’s first Sydney concert in 1989

    Did It Again. Second single off Impossible Princess, it hadn’t been released at time of this interview.

    Video – Maynard One Man Madd Club livestream

    The first One Man Madd Club live stream went off at 8:30 Friday night.

    A cornucopia of kook featuring some of my favourite music, outfits and interpretive dance.

    Here’s the first show in it’s entirety. Enjoy, and tune in on Friday at 8:30-9:00pm.

    Watch on the Maynard Facebook page.

    One Man Madd Club Show 1

    Madd Club Facebook page going back to 1990

    Maynard at the 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival

    Talking with ANZAC

    I’ve done lots of stories over the years with and about various Anzac veterans.

    These stories are easily lost, so he’s a few of my favourites I could still find.

    Vietnam veteran Phil – The Meaning of Anzac Day

    Malayan Emergency veteran Peter – Another Forgotten War

    Vietnam Vets Nui Dhat
    Malaya 1950

    More from Phil on Vietnam – No Apocalypse Now

    Phil with Australian soldiers at Nui Dhat
    Phil with Australian soldiers at Nui Dhat

    Craig Stockings, Senior Lecturer at the Australian Defence Force Academy – Anzac Myths that won’t die.

    Anzac Cove
    Anzac Cove

    WW2 Mosquito night fighter pilot witnesses V2 launches from the air.

    RAAF pilots 1945 in UK
    RAAF pilots 1945 in UK

    Peter Brune on the fall of Singapore

    Bunga Bunga 59 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Maynard gets Tim Ferguson on the Bungaphone for an action packed and speculation filled Bunga Bunga 59.

    Don’t know where it will all end? Neither do Tim nor Maynard, but in a show that somehow connects 3 different native animals, a cat and Alan Jones you are assured to be no wiser by the end of this travesty of a mockery.

    Your Crankmail is answered, Tim addresses the country’s lack of panic buying this week and Maynard starts an airline with the help of Winston Churchill.

    Keep hoarding Australia!

    Tim Ferguson
    Kangaroo disappointed by Adelaide.

    Maynard Air, it’s up yours.

    Winston Churchill describes Maynard Air
    Winston Churchill describes the future Maynard Air.

    Gretel Killeen’s website

    Bunga Bunga live video at Tim’s

    Aerobics Oz Style
    June, Taryn & Wendy are back with Aerobics Oz Style. Tim’s concerns about shoulder pads are ill founded.
    Jodie asked, What is this plastic thing?
    Jodie asked, What is this plastic thing?

    Don’t Take Pandemic Advice From A Podcast

    Sunday Afternoon Fever, Melbourne Comedy Festival 1993.

    Maynard returns to the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 1993. Broadcast rather excitedly on Triple J across Australia on Sunday, 4th April.

    A two and a half hour spectacular Sunday Afternoon Fever show from the “Scott Carne Suite”, otherwise known as Studio 320 at ABC Melbourne. With a live audience that are up for it. Just what that is, you’ll find out.

    The live house band for the show was Boom Crash Opera, with guests Miss Dorothy & His Fools in Love, Tlot Tlot, Mrs Sinatra, the Totally Lost in Space improv show, The Real Live Brady Bunch, Lano & Woodley AND heaps more.

    You’ll need a wiglet.

    Mrs Fred Sinatra on haircare
    Fred & Millie Sinatra

    There are audience song requests, 3 rounds of Maynard’s Mastermind and rather inexplicably the chance to win Bobby Brown’s tracksuit.

    Miss Dorothy sings beautifully, Tlot Tlot have a new album, Mrs Sinatra (live on the phone from Las Vegas) has hair care tips for the ladies, Warren Coleman fills us in on behind the scenes of The Real Live Brady Bunch, Ross Daniels goes all Dr Smith for the live audience, Lano & Woodley relive painful school days in song and Boom Crash Opera do their version of Detachable Trombone. It’s a class act all the way with Triple J.

    So, get down in your underpants and pray to the Church of the Funky Chicken. It’s time for Sunday Afternoon Fever at The Melbourne Comedy Festival 1993.

    Thanks to all our funny guests. Special thanks to the very professional Triple J Producers Anne-Maree Sargeant, Phil McKelar and all at ABC Melbourne 1993.

    Maynard with Tlot Tlot 1993
    Maynard & Tlot Tlot 1993

    Maynard at 1992 Melbourne Comedy Festival

    Maynard on Foxtel Channel V at 2000 Melbourne Comedy Festival

    Tlot Tlot with The Girlfriend Song

    Maynard at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2000

    It’s Maynard at Melbourne Comedy Festival 2000

    Foxtel’s Channel V sent me to the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2000.

    I was lucky to spend 2 days in Melbourne in March 2000 putting together a one hour special for Channel V on Foxtel, where I did my twice weekly show Rewind.

    Featuring interviews with more than 20 of the comedians performing that year, it’s a unique snapshot of Melbourne comedy at the turn of the century.

    It was a music channel after all, so I picked some of my favourite humorous clips from around that time.

    Eric Bana describes to Maynard the first joke he ever told.
    Eric Bana describes to Maynard the first joke he ever told.

    But who is on the show Maynard?

    In order of their appearance: Peter Hellier, Shane Bourne, The Comedy Zone standups, Miss Itchy, Chris Franklin, Garry Who, Ross Noble, Kim Hope, Eric Bana, Loose Moose, Boothby Graffoe, Adam Bloom, Tom Rhodes, Johnny Vegas, James O’Loghlin, Peter Berner, Wil Anderson, Kitty Flanagan, Greg Fleet, Tripod, The Four Noels, North and Mickey D.

    Kim Hope looks less than impressed with Maynard's Nanook snow shoes.
    Kim Hope looks less than impressed with Maynard’s Nanook snow shoes.

    With wild and whacky music from the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, Foo Fighters, The Cruel Sea, Bloodhound Gang, Chris Franklin, Kenny Chesney, Beastie Boys, Scared Weird Little Guys, Fatboy Slim and Madness.

    Miss Itchy & Maynard in Chapel Street, Melbourne
    Miss Itchy & Maynard in Chapel Street, Melbourne. Shortly before they stole my jacket and goosed the unsuspecting public.

    This show takes a shallow and imprecise dive into the fashion of comedy, the boundaries of comedy and the who, what and where of comedy. So shut up and laugh at people who do this for a living.

    The 2000 Melbourne Comedy Special, presented lovingly from the boot of Maynard's 1978 Holden Gemini
    The 2000 Melbourne Comedy Special, presented lovingly from the boot of Maynard’s 1978 Holden Gemini

    Thanks to Desleigh Pender for production and Mary Datoc for programming. 

    Bunga Bunga 58 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Desperate times call for a highly entertaining and consummate Bunga Bunga.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard are the right duo up in the right place to get down at the right time. Join them as they cower in place in the lofty heights of Tim’s Fortress of Arrogance. But don’t worry, Maynard’s Bug Out Bag has been ready for years, full of questionable cultural content.

    Even gossip king Lance Leopard phones in to the show from his ivory tower of scandal, to solve a burning social issue. You know, the Kylie/Madonna one.

    Hold the line Australia. Hold the line.

    Tim Ferguson

    Bunga Bunga 58 contains advice, laughs, wisdom and a little bit of comfort food as Tim & Maynard pirouette on the cutting edge with things that are SO early March, that no one is talking about any more: micro plastics in teabags, waxed baking paper usage and that Greta.

    If you can’t lick anybody else, you might as well lick yourself.


    Learn about yet another emerging threat to Australia from Northcote. Be alert and maybe a bit alarmed about the scourge of overly earnest poetry about to swamp a nation that has already suffered enough.

    Kitler 2 oversees the production of Bunga Bunga 58
    Kitler 2 oversees the production.

    You aren’t the only one tired of being part of a major historical event. So let’s discuss Julie Andrews in the bathroom, Tim & Maynard’s career having eerie similarities to the Australian economy right now and poop on a plate.

    First ever Bunga Bunga live video

    13 Minutes to the Moon, Season 2 – Apollo 13

    So, Ruby don’t take your love to town. It’s shut. Settle in with Bunga Bunga 58. But remember…..

    Don’t Take Pandemic Advice From A Podcast

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