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    Video – Rewind Volume 2, Kinselas nightclub.

    Kinselas nightclub Sydney is the setting for this journey through the Rewind Volume 2 CD (disc one).

    The renovations to the middle bar had the place looking as clean as it was ever going to be. So I’m sure you’ll enjoy the decor in between the music clips.

    A show about a CD from Kinselas night club. How 2001 is that?

    You’ll cop tracks from MC Hammer, Bananarama, Ce Ce Peniston, Beats International, Sunscream, Snap, Blondie, Kriss Kross, De La Soul and more. It’s a packed show.

    Still from Dee Lite music clip
    Love some Deee-Lite

    Deee-Lite was Towa Tei and DJ Dimitry, with Lady Miss Kier cooing out front of a wicked bass groove produced by legendary 70s funkster Bootsy Collins & Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. This track is from the World Clique album featuring a lot of faux fur.

    Maynard's Rewind Volume 2 CD
    Maynard’s Rewind Volume 2 CD
    Kriss Kross
    It’s wiggida wiggida wiggida wack

    Kriss Kross are the winners of the stupidest street clothing look of the 1990s. These two thirteen year old kids Chris Smith and Chris Kelly wore their pants backwards. No wonder their follow up was called I Missed The Bus.

    Maynard running in Kinselas nightclub Sydney
    Gotta run, late for work

    Maynard with Kylie Minogue interview 1997

    Video – Roller-skates on a Saturday night.

    This Saturday night on Channel V, yet more precision roller-skating from Emma & Leah of Q Bar Sydney, while Maynard presents a collection of music clips just perfect for quarantine viewing.

    The parade of pop continues with Suzi Quatro, ABBA, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, The Monkees, Do Re Mi, Sex Pistols, Pseudo Echo, Chic and more.

    Warning: the sad ABBA clip may make you a bit weepy.

    Resplendent in flanno pyjamas and tiger feet slippers, Maynard invites you to relax with a show which has something for everyone.

    Right Said Fred, I'm Too Sexy for my car.
    He IS too sexy for his car, and that hat come to think of it.

    More roller-skates in this show

    Video – Allan Carr Interview, roller skates and a Whippet

    Allan Carr is the star on this show from 1999. Allan is on the phone from LA talking about his work on Grease, Can’t Stop The Music and his career as a producer.

    Helping Maynard out with the show are Emma and Leah the rollerskating waitresses from Q Bar in Oxford Street, Sydney.

    Tilley the wonder dog Whippet also appears courtesy of Smackos.

    Allan Carr, rollerskating waitresses, and a whippet on the show today

    You’ll also hear lots of roller skating music from Allan Carr’s movies, you’ll see Spandeu Ballet, Transvision Vamp, Prince and a whole heap more…

    Alan Carr on Maynard's Rewind show on Foxtel 1999
    Allan Carr talked about Grease, Cant Stop The Music and his career in one of his last interviews in 1999.
    Tilley the wonder dog on Maynard's Rewind show
    Tilley the wonder dog was really the star of this show.

    Here’s another fun episode of Rewind.

    Allan Carr on Wikipedia. Learn more about his amazing career.

    Video – Maynard Madd Club livestream July 10th

    It’s a half hour of colour and really far too much movement in the moody lighting of Maynard’s Madd Club livestream.

    Top tunes from Tom Jones, Melissa, even Professor Elemental, with sounds to uplift you when you need it most.

    We go on location to DJ Mark Alsop’s production studio to find how not wearing a shirt will get you into Pet Shop Boys show, and more.

    Get down for the music livestream show that is “talent adjacent”.

    Check out Professor Elemental’s new album Let’s Get Messy.

    Check in on the previous Madd Club livestream

    Bunga Bunga 62 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 62 ponders the imposing amount of Crankmail that was slipped under the front door this week.

    Tim Ferguson & Maynard soothe a troubled nation using the well known therapeutic tools of cocaine, cats & Canberra.

    We argue over dancing, and laugh at a well known Australian capital city. We give important tips on professional presentations, including the appropriate use of the word “lick”.

    Tim's cat Kitler
    Kitler in his Wolf’s Lair

    This is the show that finally may have discovered what Tim’s alt right feline Kitler is doing late at night.

    Keep those t-shirts classy.

    That 1979 French disco film

    Maynard NEW FM local TV promo 1995

    Tim’s art available by commission

    DJ Ravioli having a cat bath

    The huge Madd Club livestream happening on Friday night

    Madd Club returns this Friday night July 10th

    Madd Club is back! Same Madd time: Friday 8:30pm Sydney (1030 UTC) same Madd channel: https://www.mixcloud.com/live/dj-maynard/

    3 minutes of what you can expect on Friday.

    Have a look at the first time I tried this

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