• Bunga Bunga Live! – The Festival of Dumb Ideas

    The hilarious podcast BUNGA BUNGA will be performed & recorded live!
    Tuesday 14th November at their local, The Harold Park Hotel, Glebe.
    Funny man Maynard & even funnier man Tim Ferguson, present an evening of comedy, wits and foolishness..
    Smart, sharp, sexy are just 3 words! Learn even more words at the show.
    Bunga Bunga promises tantalising and useless information to goose up your mind.
    Razor sharp blunt tools will make quick work of the nation’s problems.
    You’ll laugh, you’ll think, you’ll dance like Cory Bernardi is watching.
    The stars of Australia’s fastest-growing podcast will meet special guests and explain the world.
    Bring your Crankmail and leave with the certainty that you know everything (like Tim does)
    Special Guest for our interview chair will be Simon Day of Ratcat (and many other things)

    Tuesday 14th November
    $15 (el cheapo)
    Harold Park Hotel, Glebe

    BUNGA BUNGA – you know what it means!

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