• Dag Quiz 1989

    The first ever 5 episodes of Dag Quiz recorded for replay on Maynard weekend JJJ breakfast show. The year is 1989, test your knowledge against our self aware dags. Colin Nicholas, Frogger, May, David, Cathy (from Chester Hill), John (from St Ives), Katrina, Steve, Julie & Bruce. Laurie Zion was score keeper (briefly). Voice Over: Rusty Nails, Production: Chris Norris.

    It was called Dag Quiz because Triple J had been running Rock Wiz and I wanted to celebrate the less worthy avenues of pop culture.

    Binge listen to all 5 or play an episode a day on your way to work, see if you have what it takes in the quiz show where even winners may be considered losers.

    If you think you know something about Village People, Sailor, Boney M and feel you are ready for some value judgement on Bananarama, this was the show for you.

    This is the first time these episodes have been heard since 1989, so go easy on all the contestants, who I consider pioneers in a brave new world of self awareness. I want to all thank you very much for being part of such a wacky, fun show.

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