• Kylie Minogue with Maynard Channel V 1997

    Kylie Minogue on Rewind with Maynard 1997

    1997 was a great year for Kylie Minogue, living in the busy Kylieworld of Pop.

    Kylie Minogue thinking 1997
    Kylie Minogue thinking about the Kylieworld of 1997

    Living in the land of Britpop, Kylie had been working on her Impossible Princess album for two years.

    “Kylieworld” was the way she described her publicity schedule, level of fame and the concept of never really having to work again if she didn’t want to.

    I asked her about her relationship with her record company (Deconstruction in the UK) and the future opportunities of working in the US.

    She spoke about having a family (decades away), what music she’d enjoyed lately (The Verve) and about being turned away from a Club with Nick Cave the week before (they weren’t).

    Kylie also gave definitive rulings on: “What to look for at a potential boyfriend’s place?”, “Favourite track of Impossible Princess?” and of course “Your favourite music clip up to now?”.

    Revisit 1997’s Kylie Minogue. I’d even wear that shirt again.

    Kylie Minogue with Maynard on bed for interview 1997
    Kylie Minogue with Maynard trying to look like he knows what he’s doing, 1997.

    Maynard at Kylie Minogue’s first Sydney concert in 1989

    Did It Again. Second single off Impossible Princess, it hadn’t been released at time of this interview.
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