• Richard Fidler Dipped In Elephant Feaces

    Mr Richard Fidler is the host of Conversations on ABC Radio. He is also a well known republican and all round very nice guy. Not to mention his work with The Doug Anthony All Stars, which we will. I haven’t caught up with Richard for years, so listen in.

    George Hrab @ TAM 2012 Las Vegas

    Maynard travels from Australia to interview George Hrab backstage and candidly at The Amazing Meeting 2012 in Las Vegas. George talks about difficult issues in comedy and life as Maynard becomes nervous. Explicit language and adult concepts such as monogamy ahead.

    Maynard @ Supanova 2012

    Last weekend at pop culture expo Supanova Sydney celebrated it’s 10th birthday. I spoke with lots of fans as well as Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica, but I enjoyed meeting all the fez wearing Dr Who fans the most.

    Madd Club Show 7 (Xanadu Special)

    Maynard presents a brief look at the second greatest musical ever (after Can’t Stop The Music) Xanadu. Maynard was lucky to interview the cast of Xanadu The Musical in Sydney. Tony Push joins Maynard to relive some philosophical moments of Madd Club history.

    John C Dvorak interview for The Dirty Disbelievers

    John C Dvorak is an interesting guy with a unique journey through the world of tech and finance. Never scared to say what he really thinks, this doesn’t always make him popular. That’s why I like him. As the co-host of No Agenda with Adam Curry he unpacks the bogative wherever it may be…

    Julia Morris WILL stab you

    Julia Morris is charming, funny & most importantly dirty. She is about to tour Australia again with the popularity of The Celebrity Apprentice behind her. But be warned certain comments immediately after she comes offstage might get you killed. But why did she go to LA to learn how to pash? Time to meet the First…

    David Croft – Comic Genius

    Comedian Tim Ferguson points out why David Croft was such a good comic writer and producer. Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served & I Ain’t ‘half Hot Mum all shared one thing often lacking thesedays – jokes.

    Adam Curry – Media Assassin

    Adam Curry with John C Dvorak host No Agenda, a show that “hits you in the mouth”.  I spoke with Adam from his hilltop watchtower crackpot command centre. What’s with all these jingles and crackpot warnings?

    Greg Fleet – Thai Die

    Greg Fleet is bringing the comedy of his nightmare time held hostage with an axe, thinking he was going to die (yes, it’s funny) to The Sydney Comedy Festival 3-7 May

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