• Video – Rewind Volume 2, Kinselas nightclub.

    Kinselas nightclub Sydney is the setting for this journey through the Rewind Volume 2 CD (disc one).

    The renovations to the middle bar had the place looking as clean as it was ever going to be. So I’m sure you’ll enjoy the decor in between the music clips.

    A show about a CD from Kinselas night club. How 2001 is that?

    You’ll cop tracks from MC Hammer, Bananarama, Ce Ce Peniston, Beats International, Sunscream, Snap, Blondie, Kriss Kross, De La Soul and more. It’s a packed show.

    Still from Dee Lite music clip
    Love some Deee-Lite

    Deee-Lite was Towa Tei and DJ Dimitry, with Lady Miss Kier cooing out front of a wicked bass groove produced by legendary 70s funkster Bootsy Collins & Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. This track is from the World Clique album featuring a lot of faux fur.

    Maynard's Rewind Volume 2 CD
    Maynard’s Rewind Volume 2 CD
    Kriss Kross
    It’s wiggida wiggida wiggida wack

    Kriss Kross are the winners of the stupidest street clothing look of the 1990s. These two thirteen year old kids Chris Smith and Chris Kelly wore their pants backwards. No wonder their follow up was called I Missed The Bus.

    Maynard running in Kinselas nightclub Sydney
    Gotta run, late for work

    Maynard with Kylie Minogue interview 1997

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