• William Shatner charms Sydney

    William Shatner charmed the frankly overexcited crowd that came from far and very wide to see his live solo show at The State Theatre in Sydney in October 2018.

    I grabbed my best Shatner tie and my 1969 BBC Star Trek puzzle book and knew I was going to be among my kind of people.

    Maynard wearing his William Shatner tie for William Shatner live in Sydney.
    If I can’t wear this tie tonight. Then when?

    The resulting Planet Maynard podcast is from the dozen people I spoke with at The State Theatre that night.

    The many shades of Shatner mentioned included:

    The Outer Limits, TJ Hooker, Miss Congeniality, The Twilight Zone, Shit My Dad Says, Tribbles, Gorn, Kingdom of the Spiders, Canada, Red Shirts,Flying High 2, Star Trek 2 (but not Star Trek 5). Yet not one person could even hum the theme to one of my favourite works of The Shatman, Barbary Coast.

    Here’s Bill in a mauve smoking jacket as he turns out to be a man of many disguises in the opening credits.

    That theme tune!

    Thanks to the Red Shirts, Belinda and her mum Robyn from the southern tablelands, Kevin Williams and the disgruntled Canadian.

    Look At His Butt podcast (the all Bill all the time Star Trek show)

    Maynard loves the musical career of Mr Shatner

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