• Bunga Bunga 63 – Tim Ferguson & Maynard

    Bunga Bunga 63 brings the joy of film, music and maritime safety right up your astral plane.

    Tim Ferguson and Maynard hold aloft their disappointing splendour of sound. This time it’s serious film critic vs comedy and Tim takes it personally. Maynard ponders that Whitney might have saved the Titanic.

    So as usual Bunga Bunga leaves a mess.

    There is no cure for a grumpy cat, except to put them in a leadership position.

    Tim Ferguson (shares a space with Kitler)
    Batman warns of the “deadly daily danger” that is all around us
    Maynard & Tim singing along with Bunga Bunga 63
    Maynard & Tim singing along with Bunga Bunga 63
    Aaron Thoughty2 hates bathos and Tim takes it personally.
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